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AC 10189

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10189. Upon its two ribs. That this signifies conjunction with truths on the one side, and preservation by means of them, is evident from the signification of "ribs," when by them are meant sides, as being truths; for the sides which are called "ribs" look to the south and the north, and by the "south" is signified truth in light (see n. 9462), and by the "north" truth in shade (n. 3708). But by "sides" properly so called is signified good, because they look to the east and the west, and by the "east" is signified good in clearness, and by the "west" good in obscurity (n. 3708, 9653). Therefore it is here said, "thou shalt make for it two rings of gold from beneath the border, upon the two ribs thereof thou shalt make them, upon the two sides thereof." That the sides properly so called look to the east and the west, but that the sides which are called "ribs" look to the south and the north, is plain in Exodus 26:13, 26, 27, 35. Moreover "ribs," being supports of the breast, signify the truths that support good.
[2] In heaven however the case is this. On the right are those who are in the light of truth, thus who are in the south; but on the left are those who are in the shade of truth, thus who are in the north; before the face are those who are in the clear perception of good, thus who are in the east; but at the back are those who are in the obscure perception of good, thus who are in the west. These, who are in good, constitute the celestial kingdom of the Lord; and the former, who are in truth, constitute His spiritual kingdom. This is the appearance to the angels there in whatever direction they turn themselves, for the angels have the Lord, who is the very East, continually before the face; but the contrary is the case with those who are in hell, for these have the Lord continually at the back.
[3] For in the other life the quarters are not determined toward fixed regions, as they are in the world; but according to fixed and ruling loves.
[4] For an angel or a spirit is his own love, and where the love is, thither he turns himself; they who are in love to the Lord and in charity toward the neighbor, and from this in faith, look at the Lord before them wherever they turn their bodies and their faces. For the Lord turns them to Himself, because He enters by the way of the east into them, and constantly keeps them in a determination toward Himself. Hence their external sight, determined by the internal sight that belongs to the understanding, and this by the love that belongs to the will, looks in the direction in which the love carries it. It is similar with men in the world in respect to their interiors that belong to their spirit. Moreover, in the other life all are distinguished according to the way in which each one turns himself. (That the spaces and places in the other life are of this nature, and that from this they signify states, see n. 2625, 2837, 3356, 3387, 4321, 4882, 5605, 7381, 9440, 9667, 10146.)


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