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10545. And Moses took a tent. That this signifies what is holy of worship, of the church, and of the Word, is evident from the signification of "a tent," as being in the supreme sense the Lord, and also heaven and the church, and in the relative sense all that is holy of heaven and of the church, consequently also what is holy of worship and of the Word, for these are of the church and are of the Lord, because they are from Him. The reason why "a tent" signifies these things, is that the most ancient people dwelt in tents, and also had therein their holy worship. Among these people existed the celestial church, which was the most holy of all the succession of churches, for they adored the Lord, who with them was Jehovah; and as He was their Leader, they had interaction with the angels of heaven, and consequently were in celestial wisdom from the Lord. It is the setting up of this church which is described by the creation of heaven and earth in the first chapter of Genesis, and their wisdom by paradise. For by "heaven and earth" in the Word is signified the church, by "paradise" intelligence and wisdom, and by "man" the church itself; in like manner by the "ground" from which he was named "Adam." (That "heaven and earth" in the Word denote the church, "heaven" the internal church and "earth" the external church, see n. 1733, 1850, 2117, 2118, 3355, 4535, 10373; that intelligence and wisdom are described by paradises and gardens, n. 100, 108, 2702, 3220; that "man" denotes the church, n. 478, 768, 4287, 9276; in like manner "ground," n. 566, 1068; and that "creating man" denotes the setting up of the church, n. 16, 88, 10373; see also n. 8891, 9942.)
[2] In consequence of that church being loved above all others, and from the Lord dwelling with them in tents (for the Lord is said "to dwell" with the man who is in love to Him, John 14:23), therefore in memory of these things the Tabernacle or Tent of meeting was constructed among the Israelitish nation, wherein was held what is holy of worship; and for the same reason the feast of tabernacles or of tents was instituted.
[3] That by "tent" are signified these holy things, and specifically what is holy of worship, is evident from the following passages:
Sing, O barren, that did not bear, enlarge the place of thy tent, and let them stretch forth the curtains of thine habitations (Isa. 54:1, 2).
"To enlarge the place of the tent" denotes to do so with the things which are of the church, and consequently which are of worship; "to stretch forth the curtains of the habitations" denotes to multiply truths (that "curtains" denote the truths of the church, see n. 9595, 9596, 9606, 9756); "the barren" denotes one who has not previously been in the truths and goods of the church (n. 3908, 9325).
[4] In Jeremiah:
The whole land has been laid waste, suddenly have My tents been laid waste, and My curtains in a moment (Jer. 4:20).
That "land" denotes the church may be seen in the places cited in n. 9325; and as the church is the church from the goods of love and the truths of faith, therefore it is said that "the tents and the curtains are laid waste;" "tents" denoting the goods of the church, and "curtains" its truths.
[5] Again:
My tent hath been laid waste, and all My cords have been plucked out; My sons are gone forth from Me, and they are not; there is none to stretch forth My tent any more, or to raise up My curtains. For the shepherds are become fools (Jer. 10:20, 21).
Like things are here signified by "tent" and by "curtains;" the "cords plucked out" denotes that there is no longer any conjunction of good and truth, and of truths one with another; and therefore it is said, "My sons are gone forth," because by "sons" are signified truths. (That "cords" denote conjunction may be seen in n. 9777, 9854, 9880; and that "sons" denote truths, in n. 489, 491, 533, 2623, 2803, 2813, 3373, 3704, 4257, 9807.)
[6] In David:
Jehovah, who shall abide in Thy tent, who shall dwell in the mountain of Thy holiness? He that walketh blameless, and who doeth righteousness, and speaketh the truth in his heart (Ps. 15:1, 2).
"To abide in the tent of Jehovah" denotes to do so in heaven and in the good of love there. Again:
I will abide in Thy tent to eternities (Ps. 61:4);
where the meaning is the same.
[7] In Amos:
In that day I will raise the tent of David that is fallen, and I will close up the breaches thereof, and I will restore its ruins (Amos 9:11).
The "tent of David" denotes the church of the Lord and what is holy of the worship of Him; "to close up the breaches, and restore the ruins" denotes to restore these by removing falsities. That "David" in the Word denotes the Lord, see n. 1888, 9954; hence it is that "the tent of David" denotes the church of the Lord, and that which is holy of worship. In Jeremiah:
Behold I bring back the captivity of Jacob's tents, and I will have compassion on his dwelling places (Jer. 30:18);
where "the tents of Jacob," and "his dwelling places," denote the goods and truths of the church.
[8] As by "tents" are signified the goods of the church and of worship, therefore by "tents" in the opposite sense are signified the evils of worship and of the church, as can be seen from the following passages:
I will liken the daughter of Zion to a comely woman; shepherds and their flocks shall come unto her, and they shall fix their tents against her round about (Jer. 6:2, 3).
Go up against Arabia, and lay waste the sons of the east. Their tents and their flocks they shall take, their curtains, and all their vessels (Jer. 49:28, 29).
What will ye do in the day of the solemnity, and in the day of the feast of Jehovah? For lo they are gone away because of the laying waste; the desirable things of their silver, the nettle shall possess them; thorns shall be in their tents (Hos. 9:5, 6).
He smote all the firstborn of Egypt, the beginning of strengths in the tents of Ham (Ps. 78:51).


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