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AC 5159

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5159. And it came to pass on the third day. That this signifies in the last, is evident from the signification of the "third day," as being the last of a state, for "day" is state (see n. 23, 487, 488, 493, 893, 2788, 3462, 3785, 4850), and the "third" is what is complete, thus the last (n. 1825, 2788, 4495). By the last of a state is meant when a prior state comes to an end and a new one begins. A new state begins in the man who is being regenerated, when the order is changed, as takes place when interior things obtain dominion over exterior things, and the exterior things begin to serve the interior, both as to the things of the intellect and as to those of the will. With those who are being regenerated, this is observed from the fact that something within dissuades them from allowing sensuous delights and bodily or earthly pleasures to reign, and to draw over to their side the things of the intellect to confirm them; and when this is the case the prior state is at its last, and the new state is at its first. Such is the signification of "on the third day."
[2] With every man, whether being regenerated or not, there come forth changes of state, and also inversions; but in one way with those who are being regenerated, and in another way with those who are not being regenerated. With those who are not being regenerated, these changes or inversions are owing to causes in the body, and to causes in civil life. The causes in the body are the cupidities that come with the time of life and pass away with the time of life, and are also reflections on the health of the body and long life in the world; the causes in civil life are seeming outward bridlings of cupidities, chiefly in order to acquire the reputation of being wise and of loving justice and goodness, but with the end of getting honors and gain; whereas with those who are being regenerated, the changes or inversions are effected for spiritual reasons, which proceed from goodness and justice itself; and when the man begins to be affected with these, he is at the end of the prior state, and at the beginning of a new one.
[3] But as few are able to know how the case herein is, it shall be illustrated by an example. He who does not suffer himself to be regenerated, loves the things of the body for the sake of the body, and for no other end, and he also loves the world for the sake of the world, rising no higher because at heart he denies all that is higher or interior. But on the other hand one who is being regenerated likewise loves the things of the body and also the things of the world, but for a higher or more interior end; for he loves the things of the body with the end of having a sound mind in a sound body, and he loves his mind and its soundness with an end still more interior-that he may relish (or be wise in) good and understand truth. Like other men he too loves the things of the world; but he loves them for the sake of the end that through the world, its wealth, possessions, and honors, he may have the means of doing what is good and true, and what is just and fair.
[4] This example shows the respective qualities of those who are not being regenerated and of those who are; and that in the outward form they appear alike, but that in the internal form they are wholly unlike. And from what has been said it is also evident what are the reasons, and of what nature these are, that produce the changes and inversions of state in both these classes of persons. And it can further be seen that in the regenerate interior things have dominion over exterior things, while in the unregenerate exterior things have dominion over interior things. It is the ends in a man that have the dominion, for the ends subordinate and subject to themselves all things that are in him. His veriest life is from no other source than his end, because his end is always his love.


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