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AC 5198

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5198. There came up seven kine. That this signifies were truths of the natural, is evident from the signification of "kine," as being truths of the natural (of which presently). That there were seven, is because "seven" signifies what is holy (see n. 395, 433, 716), and hence this number adds holiness to the subject (see n. 881). Moreover, the subject here treated of is holy, for it is the further rebirth of the natural by its conjunction with the celestial of the spiritual. That "kine" or "heifers" signify truths of the natural may be seen from the fact that "oxen" and "bullocks" signify goods of the natural (n. 2180, 2566, 2781, 2830); for wherever in the Word the male signifies good, the female signifies truth; and on the other hand where the male signifies truth, the female signifies good. Hence it is that a "cow" signifies the truth of the natural, for an "ox" signifies its good.
[2] (That all beasts whatever mentioned in the Word signify affections-evil and useless beasts evil affections, but gentle and useful ones good affections-may be seen above, n. 45, 46, 142, 143, 246, 714, 715, 719, 776, 1823, 2179, 2180, 3218, 3519.) The cause of this signification is from representatives in the world of spirits; for when those in heaven are speaking about affections, in the world of spirits are represented beasts corresponding to that kind of affections. This has often been given me to see, and I have sometimes wondered why it was; but I perceived that the lives of beasts are nothing but affections, for they follow their affection from instinct without reason, and so are carried along each to its own use. To these affections without reason no other bodily forms are suitable than such as those in which beasts appear upon the earth. Hence it is that when there is discourse about affections only, ultimate forms of these affections appear that are similar to the bodily forms of such beasts; for these affections cannot be clothed with any other forms than those which correspond to them. I have also seen strange beasts which exist nowhere in the world, and which were the forms of unknown and of mixed affections.
[3] This then is the reason why in the Word by "beasts" are signified affections; but what affections are signified appears only from the internal sense. That by "oxen" is signified the good of the natural may be seen in the passages cited above, and that by "kine" are signified truths of the natural may be seen from the passages in which they are mentioned (as in Isaiah 11:7; Hosea 4:16; Amos 4:1); and also from the water of separation wherewith the sons of Israel were to be made clean, which was prepared from a red cow burned to ashes outside the camp, and with which cedar wood, hyssop, and double-dyed scarlet were mingled (Num. 19:2-11). When the meaning of this proceeding is disclosed by means of the internal sense, it is seen that by a "red cow" is signified truth of the natural that was unclean, and was made clean by the burning and also by means of such things as are signified by "cedar wood," "hyssop," and "double-dyed scarlet;" the "water" therefrom representing the means of purification.


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