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AC 5202

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5202. And behold seven other kine came up after them out of the river. That this signifies falsities that were of the natural, also in the boundary, is evident from the signification of "kine" as being truths of the natural (of which just above, n. 5198), whence it is that "kine" in the opposite sense are falsities (for most of the expressions in the Word have an opposite sense, which is known from the genuine sense, and therefore as in the genuine sense "kine" are truths of the natural, in the opposite sense they are falsities of the same kind, thus falsities in the natural); and from the signification of a "river," as being a boundary (of which also above, n. 5196, 5197). That they were in the boundary is plain also from their being said to have "come up out of the river;" for "to come up" is predicated of progression from what is exterior toward things interior (n. 3084, 4539, 4969).
[2] It will be necessary to state how the case is with this matter, because this is the subject treated of in what follows. In the preceding chapter the subject treated of was the exterior natural, and the things in it which belonged to the class of the intellect, and those which belonged to the class of the will-that the former were received, and the latter rejected. Those belonging to the class of the intellect were represented by the butler, and those belonging to the class of the will by the baker; and because those belonging to the class of the intellect were received, they were also made subordinate to the interior natural. These were treated of in the previous chapter, and this was the first of the rebirth of the natural.
[3] In the present chapter, however, the subject treated of is the influx of the celestial of the spiritual into those things of the natural which were retained, namely, those in it that were of the intellectual part, and that are signified by "kine beautiful in look and fat in flesh." But as the natural cannot be reborn as to intellectual things alone, there were also things of the will; for in everything there must be something of the intellect and at the same time something of the will in order that it may be anything; and as the former will had been rejected, therefore a new one must flow in, in its place. This new will is from the celestial of the spiritual, which together with its influx into the natural, is treated of in this chapter. How the case is with the natural in this state is described in the internal sense-that the truths in it were banished through falsities, the natural being thus left to the celestial of the spiritual, which is signified by the good kine being eaten up by the evil kine, and by the full ears of corn being swallowed up by the empty ones, and afterward by Joseph's making provision for all Egypt; but of the Lord's Divine mercy more will be said on these subjects in the following pages.
[4] They are, moreover, of such a nature as to come with difficulty into the light of the human understanding; for they are secret things of regeneration, of which though in themselves innumerable, man knows scarcely anything. From his early infancy to the last of his life in the world and thereafter to eternity, the man who is in good is being born again every moment, not only as to interiors, but also as to exteriors, and this by amazing processes. It is these processes that for the most part constitute angelic wisdom, which is known to be ineffable, and to contain such things as ear has not heard, nor eye seen, neither have entered into the thought of man. The internal sense of the Word treats of things like these, and thus is adapted to angelic wisdom; and when it flows from this wisdom into the sense of the letter it becomes adapted to human wisdom, and thereby in a hidden way affects those who are in the desire from good of knowing truths from the Word.


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