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AC 7270

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7270. Thou shalt speak all that I command thee; and Aaron thy brother shall speak unto Pharaoh. That this signifies the reception of the influx of the Divine and its communication, is evident from the representation of Moses, who was to speak, as being Divine truth; and from the representation of Aaron, as being the doctrine thence derived (see n. 7089); from the signification of "speaking," as being influx and its reception (see n. 5797); and from the signification of "commanding" as also being influx (n. 5486, 5732), here the reception of influx. From all this it is evident that by "speaking" is signified the mediate influx of Divine truth into doctrine, that is, with one who teaches (for the meaning is that Moses - who denotes Divine truth - should speak to Aaron who denotes doctrine or one who teaches - that which Jehovah commanded, thus should speak to him who was to communicate it); and that by "commanding" is signified the immediate Divine influx into the Divine law which is represented by Moses.
[2] How these things are to be understood can be seen from what was said above (n. 7009, 7010), namely, that Moses represents the truth which proceeds immediately from the Divine, and Aaron the truth which proceeds mediately. He who does not know how the case is with order in successive things, cannot know how it is with influx; wherefore it must be briefly told. The truth which proceeds immediately from the Lord, being from the infinite Divine Itself, cannot possibly be received by any living substance which is finite, thus not by any angel; and therefore the Lord created successive things by which as media the Divine truth that proceeds immediately can be communicated. But the first in succession from this is more full of the Divine than can as yet be received by any living substance which is finite, thus by any angel, and therefore the Lord created another successive through which the Divine truth that proceeds immediately might be in part received; this successive is the truth Divine which is in heaven. The first two are above the heavens, and are as it were radiant belts of flame which encompass the sun, which is the Lord. Such is the successive order down to the heaven nearest the Lord, which is the third heaven, where are those who are innocent and wise. From this the successives are continued down to the ultimate heaven, and from the ultimate heaven down to the sensuous and bodily of man, which receives the influx last.
[3] From all this it is evident that there are continued successions from the First, that is, from the Lord, down to the ultimate things that are in man, nay, to the ultimate things that are in nature. The ultimate things in man, as also those in nature, are relatively inert, and thence cold, and are relatively general, and thence obscure. From this it is also evident that by means of these successions there is a continuous connection of all things with the First being. Influx is according to these successions, for the Divine truth which proceeds immediately from the Divine good, flows in successively; and in the way, or in connection with each new successive, it becomes more general, thus grosser and more obscure; and it becomes more slow, thus more inert and cold. From this it is clear what is the Divine order of successives, and thence of influxes.
[4] But be it well known that the truth Divine which flows into the third heaven nearest the Lord, also at the same time and without successive formation flows in down to the ultimates of order, and there from the First immediately also rules and provides each and all things; whereby the successives are held together in their order and connection. That this is so can also in some measure be seen from a maxim not unknown to the learned in the world, that there is only one substance which is substance, and that all other things are formations thence; and that in the formations that one only substance reigns, not only as form, but also as non-form, as in its origin. Unless this were so, a thing formed could not possibly subsist and act. But these things are said for the intelligent.


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