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AC 8603

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8603. And Moses, Aaron, and Hur. That this signifies Divine truths in successive order, is evident from the representation of Moses, as being Divine truth proceeding immediately from the Lord (see n. 7010); from the representation of Aaron, as being Divine truth proceeding mediately from the Lord (n. 7009); and from the representation of Hur, as being Divine truth again mediately proceeding through this; thus they denote truths in successive order.
[2] What is meant by truths in successive order shall be briefly told. Each and all things in universal nature come forth from interior things in order, being derivations and successions. But interior things do not cohere with exterior things by continuity, but they are distinct, and are conjoined by means of protrusions like fibers, through which there are communications. An idea of the nature of these derivations and consequent successions in general, may be obtained from fruits, as from citrons, apples, and the like. The most external things are the skins which encompass them; the interior things are the pulp which is enclosed; the still more interior things are the seeds, which are encompassed with cases outwardly, and next themselves with membranes; beneath which is the inner pulp, containing the first form, as a soul; from which again come new trees and new fruits.
[3] All these things are in successive order, and are distinct from one another, and are also joined together. The communication of the interior things with the exterior is effected in a wonderful way by means of passings over that are as it were fibrous. At first, while forming, they almost cohere, but in course of time they are separated; for before the first form, which is the inmost in the seed, can be expanded into forms like its parents, it must be successively opened; and when it is being opened and begins to grow, the pulps with which it is encompassed adapt themselves, serving first as soil, next as fertilizing sap; after this period, which is its period in the womb, it is born, and is then left to the soil of the earth, wherein it has been sown in the form of seed.
[4] From all this an idea can be formed how the case is with derivatives in successive order. As it is in the vegetable kingdom, so also it is in the animal kingdom, but in this much more perfectly. There are in the animal kingdom exterior, and interior, and inmost things, in like manner in successive order, which are distinct from one another, and are also joined together; but they differ in the fact that the forms in the animal kingdom have been created to receive life. Consequently, as the forms recipient of life are in successive order, so also are the lives which result therefrom; for the forms or substances recipient of life are the subjects, and the things that result from their changes and modifications are the forces, which are to be called "lives," because they are living forces.
[5] From all this it can now be seen what is meant by "Divine truths in successive order;" for all things that belong to life bear relation to truth, and their perfection to good, and in the opposite sense to falsity, and their imperfection to evil. The passings over from one to the other in successive order are also called "degrees."
[8603a. Went up to the top of the hill, signifies in the good of charity.]


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