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AC 8753

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8753. They came into the wilderness of Sinai. That this signifies a state of good in which truths of faith were to be implanted, is evident from the signification of "the wilderness of Sinai," as being a state of good in which truths of faith are to be implanted. "The wilderness" here denotes good in which truths have not yet been implanted; and "Sinai" denotes the truths themselves. For a "wilderness" has several significations (see n. 3900); in general it signifies what is uninhabited and uncultivated, thus in the spiritual sense, good in which as yet there are no truths, for good without truths is spiritually uncultivated; consequently a "wilderness" signifies a new will that as yet has not been formed by means of the truths of faith (n. 8457).
[2] As regards "Mount Sinai," it signifies in the supreme sense Divine truth from Divine good; "mountain," Divine good; and "Sinai," Divine truth. In the internal sense it signifies the truth of faith from good, here the truth of faith that is to be implanted in good, because the law had not yet been promulgated from it. "Mount Sinai" has these significations because the law was promulgated by the Lord from thence, and "the law" denotes Divine truth from Divine good, and also the truth of faith from good (n. 6752, 7463, 8695). For this reason it was that the sons of Israel encamped in the wilderness near that mountain, for from it were promulgated not only the ten commandments, which are "the law" in a close sense, but also all the statutes of the church, which contained in themselves, because they represented, the spiritual and celestial truths and goods of the Lord's kingdom. That the law was promulgated from thence, is evident from the following chapter, and that so also were the statutes of the church, from the succeeding chapters, and also from Leviticus 7:37, 38; 27:34. The same is signified by "Sinai" in David:
O God, when Thou wentest forth before Thy people, when Thou didst march in the wilderness; the earth trembled, the heavens also dripped before God; this Sinai before God, the God of Israel. Thou, O God, makest to drip the rain of Thy benevolences (Ps. 68:7-9).
Here "Sinai" denotes the truth that is from good, for such is the signification of "the heavens dripping before God," and of "God making to drip the rain of His benevolences."
[3] In the book of Judges:
Jehovah, when Thou wentest forth out of Seir, when Thou camedst forth out of the field of Edom, the earth trembled, the heavens also dripped, the clouds also dripped waters, the mountains flowed down before Jehovah, Sinai itself before Jehovah the God of Israel. In the days of Shamgar the son of Anath, in the days of Jael, the ways ceased, and they that walked in paths went through crooked ways, the roads ceased in Israel; they ceased until I Deborah arose, until I arose a mother in Israel (Judg. 5:4-7).
Here also "Sinai" denotes the law or Divine truth from Divine good, by virtue of which the truths of faith were implanted in its good, which things are also signified by "the heavens dripped," and "the clouds dripped waters;" that the truths of faith were lacking and were perverted, is signified by "the ways ceased, and they that walked in paths went through crooked ways" (that "ways," "paths," and "roads" denote truths, see n. 627, 2333, 3123, 3477); for the subject treated of in this prophetic song, which is the song of Deborah and Barak, is the perversion of the truth of the church, and its restitution.
[4] In Moses:
Jehovah came from Sinai, He rose up from Seir to them; He shone forth from Mount Paran, and He came from the ten thousands of holiness, from His right hand was the fire of the law to them (Deut. 33:2).
in this chapter the sons of Jacob are blessed by Moses before his death, who begins the prophetic utterance of his blessing with "Jehovah came from Sinai," and by "Sinai" are here signified the truths of faith in the complex. That he begins in this way is because by "the sons of Jacob" are signified all the truths and goods of faith (n. 3858, 3862, 3926, 3939, 6335); and in like manner by "the sons of Israel" (n. 5414, 5951, 5879).


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