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AR 161

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161. Verse 3. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, signifies that it should come into the thought that all worship in its beginning is natural, and afterwards by truths out of the Word, and by a life according to them, becomes spiritual, besides many other things. These are the things that are to be understood by these words; as also, that everyone may know from the Word, from the doctrines of the church from the Word, and from preachings, that truths ought to be learned, and that by truths man has faith, charity, and all things of the church.
[2] That this is the case, is abundantly shown in The Arcana Coelestia; published at London; that by truths comes faith (n. 4353, 4977, 7178, 10,367). That by truths comes love towards the neighbor, or charity (n. 4368, 7623, 7624, 8034). That by truths comes love to the Lord (n. 10,143, 10,153, 10,310, 10,578, 10,645). That by truths come intelligence and wisdom (n. 3182, 3190, 3387, 10,064). That by truths regeneration is effected (n. 1555, 1904, 2046, 2189, 9088, 9959, 10,028). That by truths there is power against evils and falsities, and against hell (n. 3091, 4015, 10,488). That by truths there is purification from evils and falsities (n. 2799, 5954, 7044, 7918, 10,229, 10,237). That by truths the church exists (n. 1798, 1799, 3963, 4468, 4672). That by truths heaven exists (n. 6690, 9832, 9931, 10,303). That by truths comes the innocence of wisdom (n. 3183, 3494, 6013). That by truths there is conscience (n. 1077, 2053, 9113). That by truths there is order (n. 3316, 3417, 3470, 4104, 5339, 5343, 6028, 10,303). That by truths is the beauty of angels, and also of men as to the interiors which are of their spirit (n. 553, 3080, 4985, 5199). That by truths man is man (n. 3175, 3387, 8370, 10,298). But all this by truths from good, and not by truths without good, and good is from the Lord (n. 2434, 4070, 4736, 5147). That every good is from the Lord (n. 1614, 2016, 2904, 4151, 5147, 9981).
[3] But who thinks this? Is it not at this day a matter of indifference what truths a man knows, provided he is in worship? And because few search the Word for the purpose of learning truths and living according to them, therefore nothing is known concerning worship, whether it be dead or living, and yet according to the quality of worship man himself is either dead or living. Otherwise of what use would the Word be, and doctrine thence, or what would be the use of sabbaths and preachings, as well as of books of instruction, yea to what purpose would the church and religion be? That all worship in its beginning is natural, and afterwards by truths from the Word, and a life according to them, becomes spiritual, is known; for man is born natural, but is educated in order that he may become civil and moral, and afterwards spiritual, for thus he is born again. These things therefore are signified by "Remember how thou hast received and heard."


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