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FA 63

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63. i. That those who are in faith separated from charity are meant in the Word by "goats," shown from experience in the spiritual world. In the spiritual world there appear all things that are in the natural world. There appear houses and palaces. There appear paradises and gardens, and in them trees of every kind. There appear fields and meadowland, plains and grassy swards, flocks and herds, all precisely like those on our earth, there being no difference except that the latter are from a natural origin, while the former are from a spiritual origin. And therefore angels, being spiritual, behold the things which are of spiritual origin, just as men do those of natural origin.
[2] All things that appear in the spiritual world are correspondences, for they correspond to the affections of the angels and spirits. For this reason they who are in the love of what is good and true, and consequently in wisdom and intelligence, dwell in magnificent palaces that are surrounded by paradises full of correspondent trees, around which again are fields and plains with flocks lying there, and these are appearances. With those however who are in evil affections there are correspondences of an opposite character; such are either in hells confined in workhouses that are windowless, and yet have light in them like that of a will-o'-the-wisp, or else they are in deserts and dwell in hovels surrounded by an unbroken barrenness where there are serpents, dragons, screech owls, and many other creatures that correspond to their evils.
[3] Between heaven and hell there is an intermediate place called the World of Spirits, into which every human being comes immediately after death, and where one person has interaction with another just as among men on earth. Here too all things that appear are correspondences. Here too appear gardens, groves, forests of trees and shrubs, and flowery and grassy plains, together with beasts of various kinds, both gentle and savage, all in correspondence with the affections of those who dwell there.
[4] There have I often seen sheep and goats, and combats between them like that described in Dan. 8. I have seen goats with horns bent forward and bent backward, and I have seen them attack the sheep with fury. I have seen goats with two great horns with which they violently struck the sheep. And when I looked to see what these things meant, I saw some who were disputing about charity and faith; and from this it was evident that faith separated from charity was what appeared as a goat, and that charity from which is faith was what appeared as a sheep. And as I have seen such things often I have come to know with certainty that those who are in faith separated from charity are meant in the Word by "goats."


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