(TCR) - True Christian Religion: Containing the Whole Theology of the New Church Predicted by the Lord in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 21:1-2

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386. Second Memorable Relation:
One morning on awaking from sleep, I saw two angels descending from heaven, one from the southern part of heaven and one from the eastern, both in chariots to which were harnessed white horses. The chariot in which the angel from the southern heaven rode shone like silver; while the chariot in which the angel from the east rode shone like gold; and the reins which they held in their hands gleamed like the flaming light of the dawn. Thus did those two angels appear to me from afar; but when they came near they did not appear in chariots, but in their own angelic form, which is the human form. The one that came from the eastern part of heaven was clad in a resplendent purple garment, and the one from the southern part of heaven in a violet colored garment. When they reached the lower regions beneath the heavens, they ran toward each other as if striving who should be first, and embraced and kissed each other.
I heard that these two angels while they lived in the world had been united by an interior friendship, but that now one dwelt in the eastern and the other in the southern heaven. In the eastern heaven are those who are in love from the Lord, but in the southern heaven those who are in wisdom from the Lord.
When they had talked awhile about the magnificent things in their heavens, this point arose in their conversation, whether, in its essence, heaven is love or is wisdom. They agreed at once that each belongs to the other, but they questioned which of them was the source.
[2] The angel from the heaven of wisdom asked the other, "What is love?" And he replied that love originating in the Lord as a sun is the heat of life of men and angels, and therefore is the esse of their life; and that the derivations of love are called affections, and through them are produced perceptions and thus thoughts; from which it follows that wisdom in its origin is love, consequently that thought in its origin is an affection of that love; and it can be seen from these derivations examined in their order that thought is nothing but a form of affection; and the reason why this is not known is that thoughts are in light, but affections in heat, and therefore men reflect upon thoughts, but not upon affections. That thought is nothing but a form of the affection of one's love, can be made clear from speech, as being merely a form of sound, and this likeness still further holds good in that the tone of the voice corresponds to affection, and speech to thought; so that it is the affection that gives tone, and the thought that speaks. This will also become obvious if it is asked whether anything of speech remains if tone is taken from it; and so, too, whether anything of thought remains if affection is taken from it. From this it is clear that love is the all of wisdom, consequently that the essence of the heavens is love, and their existence wisdom; or what is the same, that the heavens have their being from the Divine love, and their existence from the Divine love through the Divine wisdom; therefore, as before said, each belongs to the other.
[3] There was then with me a newly arrived spirit, who, hearing these remarks, asked whether it was the same with charity and faith, since charity belongs to affection and faith to thought.
The angel replied, "It is precisely the same; faith is nothing but the form of charity, just as speech is a form of sound. Moreover, faith is formed from charity, as speech is formed from sound. In heaven we know how it is formed, but there is not time to explain it now."
He added, "By faith I mean spiritual faith, the life and spirit in which are solely from the Lord through charity, for charity is spiritual, and it is through charity that faith becomes spiritual; therefore faith apart from charity is a merely natural faith, and such faith is dead, for it is conjoined with merely natural affection, which is nothing but lust."
[4] The angels spoke of these things spiritually, and spiritual language embraces thousands of things which natural language cannot express, and, what is wonderful, which cannot even fall into the ideas of natural thought.
After this conversation the angels departed; and as they withdrew, each to his own heaven, stars appeared about their heads; and when they were some distance from me, they again appeared, as before, to be in chariots.


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