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98. That the Father and the Son, that is, the Divine and the Human, became united in the Lord like soul and body, is in agreement with the belief of the church at this day and also with the Word; and yet scarcely five in a hundred, or fifty in a thousand, know it. This is because of the doctrine of justification by faith alone, to which most of the clergy who are seeking a reputation for learning with a view to honor or wealth, devote themselves with great zeal, until at present their whole mind has become seized and possessed by that doctrine. And because that doctrine, like the vinous spirit called alcohol, has intoxicated their thoughts, they, like drunken men, have failed to see this most essential truth of the church, that it was Jehovah God who descended and assumed a Human; and yet it is only by means of this union that a conjunction of man with God is possible, and by conjunction, salvation. That salvation depends upon a knowledge and acknowledgment of God, can be seen by anyone who reflects that God is the All in all things of heaven, and therefore the All in all things of the church, consequently the All in all things of theology. But first it shall here be shown that the union of the Father and Son, that is, of the Divine and the Human in the Lord, is like the union of soul and body, and afterwards that this union is reciprocal. A union like that of soul and body is established in the Athanasian Creed, which is accepted in the whole Christian world as the doctrine respecting God. We there read: "Our Lord Jesus Christ is God and Man; and although He is God and Man, yet they are not two, but one Christ. He is one because the Divine took to Itself a Human. He is indeed wholly one, and is one Person; for as soul and body are one man, so is God and Man one Christ." What they understand by this is, that there is such a union between a Son of God from eternity and a Son born in time; but as God is one and not three, when we understand a union between the one God from eternity and the Son born in time, this doctrine agrees with the Word. In the Word it is said:
That He was conceived of Jehovah the Father (Luke 1:34, 35);
this was the source of His soul and life; therefore He says:
That He and the Father are one (John 10:30);
That he that seeth and knoweth Him seeth and knoweth the Father (John 14:9);
If ye knew Me ye would know My Father also (John 8:19);
He that receiveth Me receiveth Him that sent Me (John 13:20);
That He is in the bosom of the Father (John 1:18);
That all things whatsoever the Father hath are His (John 16:15);
That He is called the Father of Eternity (Isa. 9:6);
That therefore He has power over all flesh (John 17:2);
And all power in heaven and on earth (Matt. 28:18).
From these and many other passages in the Word it can be clearly seen that the union of the Father and Himself is like the union of soul and body. Therefore in the Old Testament also He is frequently called "Jehovah," "Jehovah of Hosts," and "Jehovah the Redeemer" (see above, n. 83).


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