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Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 249
249. II. CONFIRMATIONS FROM THE WORLDLY PROSPERITY OF THE WICKED AGAINST THE DIVINE PROVIDENCE. (Summarised in n. 237.) 1. Every worshipper of himself and of nature confirms himself against the Divine Providence when he sees in the world so many wicked people, and so many of their impieties in which some of them even glory, and yet no punishment of such by God. All impieties and also the glo...

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 262
262. IV. CONFIRMATIONS FROM PRESENT-DAY RELIGIOUS CONDITIONS IN FAVOUR OF NATURE AND HUMAN PRUDENCE. (Summarised in n. 239.) 1. A doubt may be raised against the Divine Providence from the fact that the whole Christian world worships one God under three Persons, that is, three Gods, and that hitherto it has not known that God one in Person and in Essence, in whom is a Trinity, and that this...

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 310
310. I. WHAT ONE'S OWN PRUDENCE IS, AND WHAT PRUDENCE NOT ONE'S OWN IS. They are in their own prudence who confirm appearances in themselves and make them truths, especially the appearance that one's own prudence is everything and the Divine Providence nothing, unless it is something universal; and yet this is impossible without the individual things of which it must consist, as was shown above. T...

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 311
311. From this description of one's own prudence, and of those who are in it, may be seen what is the nature of prudence that is not one's own, and what is the nature of those who are in it; namely, that prudence not one's own is the prudence with those who do not confirm in themselves the idea that intelligence and wisdom are from man, but who say, How can one be wise from himself, and how can on...

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