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Angelic Wisdom about Divine Love and Wisdom 403
403. (5) Love or the will prepares all things in its own human form, that it may act conjointly with wisdom or the understanding. We say, will and understanding, but it is to be carefully borne in mind that the will is the entire man; for it is the will that, with the understanding, is in first principles in the brains, and in derivatives in the body, consequently in the whole and in every part (s...

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Love and Wisdom 408
408. (10) Love or the will introduces wisdom or the understanding into all things of its house. By the house of love or the will is meant the whole man as to all things of his mind; and as these correspond to all things of the body (as shown above), by the house is meant also the whole man as to all things of his body, called members, organs, and viscera. That the lungs are introduced into all the...

A Disclosure of the Hidden Treasures of Heaven Contained in the Holy Scripture or Word of the Lord, Together with Amazing Things Seen in the World of Spirits and in the Heaven of Angels 5389
5389. There are troops of spirits who wander about, and by turns come back to the same places. Evil spirits greatly fear them, for they torment them with a certain kind of torture. I was informed that they correspond to the fundus or upper part of the bladder in general, and to the muscular ligaments converging therefrom toward the sphincter, where the urine is driven out by a kind of contortion....

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 4
4. II. THE DIVINE LOVE AND WISDOM PROCEED FROM THE LORD AS ONE. This proposition also is evident from what was shown in the treatise THE DIVINE LOVE AND WISDOM, especially from these matters treated there: Being (Esse) and Existing (Existere) in the Lord are distinctly one (n. 14-77). In the Lord infinite things are distinctly one (n. 17-22). The Divine Love is of the Divine Wisdom, and the Divine...

Angelic Wisdom about Divine Providence 326
326. These propositions must now be examined and demonstrated one by one. First: The acknowledgment of God brings about the conjunction of God with man and of man with God, and the denial of God causes their separation. Some may think that those who do not acknowledge God can be saved just as well as those who do, provided they lead a moral life. They say, What does acknowledgment accomplish? Is i...

The Book of the Apocalypse Revealed, Uncovering the Secrets That Were Foretold There and Have Lain Hidden until Now 463
463. To this I will add this Relation. I looked forth to the seacoast in the spiritual world, and saw there a magnificent dock. I drew near, and looked at it; and, behold, there were vessels there great and small, and merchandise in them of every kind; and upon the decks were boys and girls distributing it to those that wished. And they said, "We are waiting to see our beautiful tortoises, wh...

Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love 253
253. XVII. THAT THE SECOND CAUSE OF LEGITIMATE SEPARATION IS A BLEMISH OF THE BODY. By blemishes of the body are not meant accidental diseases which befall one or the other married partner during the time of marriage and which pass away. What are meant are incurable diseases which do not pass away. Pathology teaches what these are. They are multifarious, such as diseases by which the whole body is...

Wisdom's Delight in Marriage Love: Followed by Insanity’s Pleasure in Promiscuous Love 470
470. VII. THAT THE JUST CAUSES OF THIS CONCUBINAGE ARE JUST CAUSES OF SEPARATION FROM THE BED. There are legitimate causes of separation and there are just causes. The legitimate causes are made by the pronouncements of judges, and the just by pronouncements adjudged by the man alone. Both the legitimate and the just causes of separation from the bed and also from the house have been briefly recou...

True Christian Religion: Containing the Whole Theology of the New Church Predicted by the Lord in Daniel 7:13-14 and Revelation 21:1-2 462
462. Fourth Memorable Relation: Looking toward the seashore in the spiritual world, I saw a splendid dockyard. I went near and looked into it, and behold, there were large and small vessels, and in them merchandise of every kind, and on benches there were sitting boys and girls distributing the merchandise to all who wanted it. And they said, "We are waiting to see our...


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